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I’ve worked with many amazing clients in the past years as a coach, and most of them looked for answers to the following questions:


  • How to move forward, if they’re feeling more and more often, that they’re not in the right place, when they think about their work?
  • How to find clarity and new perspectives when they feel lost?
  • How can they find new possibilities, even if they feel, there are none?

These questions are important and difficult at the same time, because to look for new opportunities, also means that you need to look beyond what you know well and find secure, which at first can be scary.

I do find it important to clarify, that it’s usually not necessary and not even possible to change all circumstances at the same time. And sometimes you don’t even need huge changes.

However, a successful and safe change is only possible, if you first find clarity within you.

My goal with this e-guide is to show you 7 useful steps, which have helped my clients and also myself to find new opportunities, and to see new perspectives in situations that seemed to have no way out.



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