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40+ AND ME – Empowering story retreat for women

40+ AND ME

Embracing change, completeness & new adventures


A 4-day retreat in a beautiful setting where you’ll write a new story for yourself about renewal, new adventures, the realization of old dreams, me-time and the possibilities of completeness.



See you at Catherine’s Cottages – Hungary
September 9-12, 2019.


Time left to complete your registration until 1st of June 2019:


40 years have passed. Your children have grown up, or not, you’re where you’ve always wanted to be in your career, or perhaps not, you’ve experienced burnout or not, you’re divorced or not, you’re happy or not.

How do you want your next 40 years to look like? What stories would you be happy to tell your grandchildren or your friends, about the coming years?


We’re inviting you to a 4-day retreat with lots of love, created for women, by women. Women who tell their stories of what it was like to reach 40 or more, to stand up from tough situations, or not so tough ones, with a decision to create a new framework for their lives, in which they can experience completeness.


The program was inspired by Catherine, who is one of Charles’s Dickens descendants, and who owns a small rural estate some 80 kilometres from Budapest. She will tell us her story personally, about her dream of working in the Caribbean, which she accomplished through 100 postal letters, about a serious illness, about loss, about the well-deserved popularity of her highly successful business, and about her finding new love at the age of 52.


This program will show you how to a write a new inspiring story for yourself about renewal, new adventures, the realization of long forgotten dreams, self-care and the possibilities of finding completeness.

All this in a beautiful setting, that has its own stories.

What we offer for the 4 days

(which we will shape to everyone’s needs, to maximize the learning)


Day. 1. – Space for connection and security

Arrival, getting to know each other, tuning in for the next days. In the evening we’ll be cooking together with Chef Eszti, who tells us her own story, how she changed her life in the past few years, and why she chose to create meals that are 80% plant based. This evening will be the start of many conversations, that matter.

Day 2. – Stories worth telling

On this day we’ll be focusing on old stories, that stop you from living the life you really want, and new stories that you wish to create instead. We will start our learning journey through the story of Catherine Dickens, who remained a successful entrepreneur, despite a serious illness, and is now an inspiring example for many. In the afternoon further conversations, and time off by the pool, or in the colourful vineyard.

Day 3.- Braving up

What do you already have and what do you still need for your desired story to become reality? Through an exciting program we’ll help you step out of your comfort zone, so that you can experience safety while pushing your limits, and to be able to act even if you’re scared. In the evening we’ll celebrate the day’s success stories at a local wine cellar, tasting delicious wines and a well-deserved dinner.

Day 4.- Making it happen with a new story

For your new goals to become reality, you will need a good plan, to help you see the smaller steps you need to take. We will help you figure out how this plan could be filled with comfort and joy. Lunch and goodbyes. For now. 😊

How will you benefit from this program? 


"Perfect and bulletproof are seductive, but they don't exist in the human experience. We must walk into the arena, what it may be - a new relationship, an important meeting, our creative process, or a difficult family conversation - with courage and willingness to engage."
- Brené Brown

Program details


The location

Catherine’s Cottages are a unique selection of vineyard cottages, set on a small private retreat on the south facing slopes of the Vértes Hills, just an hour’s drive from Budapest, Hungary.

Each cottage is unique and has a dash of Caribbean, French and Hungarian art, and sometimes it can feel as if Provence had moved to this part of Hungary.

The cottages are fully equipped. There are 2 private swimming pools, each 8m x 5m.


Full board with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including an evening when we cook healthy food together with chef Eszti and another dinner with local wine-tasting at a nearby cellar.

Registration deadline

1st of June 2019.

Number of participants

Min. 10, max 18 persons

Terms and conditions

For your place to be guaranteed in the program you first need to register, which will be followed by a 30-minute discovery call to decide if this program is for you or not. After this we will send you an invoice and your participation will be confirmed once the full fee has arrived at our bank account, as below:

– 50% of the fee (according to the chosen accommodation type) is due when you register, but not later than the 1st of June 2019.

– 50 % of the fee is due by the 31st of July 2019.


Any cancellation needs to be sent via email to

Once your participation has been confirmed, you can still cancel, according to the following conditions:

– until the 31st of June 2019, no cancellation fee will be charged,

– from the 1st of July 2019, 50% of the program fee,

– from the 9th of August 2019, 0% of the program fee will be refunded.

The program will be hosted with minimum 10 participants. In case the minimum number of participants is not met 30 days prior to the program, we will either offer an alternative date, or a 100% refund.

The above cancellation policy also reflects the terms and conditions of Catherine’s Cottages for group bookings.              


This is a magical place...

Your hosts and coaches during the program


I’m Eva Tornallyay, founder of Kalangu Coaching, an economist of hospitality and tourism, business development and intercultural coach, Action Learning team coach, and a global citizen. Born in Hungary, teenage years spent in West Africa, and later lived in Barcelona and London. More than 20 successful years in international, business and product development, client and people management, 10 of which were as director of my own company. Negotiated in at least 60 countries around the world. Co-author in the UK published Dial a Guru - Awaken Your True Potential self-development book. During my personal burnout, I sold my company at the age of 45, and moved to Barcelona for a sabbatical. Here, after a few months of being in the fertile void, I decided to retrain as a coach, so that I would continue working with people. My mission is to help people get in touch with their uniqueness, and natural talents, so that they will dare to make the decisions, that will help them become happier in their work. This will save them energy and time for other important parts of their lives.


Szervezetfejlesztő, HR tanácsadó, cselekvésorientált csoportos coach és tréner vagyok. Közgazdász végzettségemmel közel 20 évet dolgoztam különböző vállalati (termelő – General Electric, Berwin Ruhagyár, kereskedelmi, illetve banki, szolgáltató) HR pozíciókban. Ezen tudásommal és 14 év vezetői tapasztalattal lettem szervezetfejlesztési tanácsadó, tréner és cselekvésorientált csoportos (Watson) coach. Sikereimet mindig csapatban értem el, hiszek a közösség erejében, az együtt gondolkodásban, a közös munkában. Számomra a legfontosabb a profi munkavégzés, az őszinteség és a partneri együttműködés. Misszióm: Együtt cselekedni és alkotni, a tudásomat átadni, tanítani. 2003-ban váltottam és léptem ki a nagyvállalati alkalmazotti világból. 2014-re alakítottam ki a szabadúszó létnek azt a ritmusát, amelyben most jól érzem magam. Olyan munkákat végzek, amelyekkel a személyes missziómat tudom megvalósítani és mellette van időm önmagamra, a barátaimra, a családomra és két fantasztikus unokámra. Hiszem, hogy ez az egyensúly fenntartható. Rengeteget tanultam és nagyon sok segítséget, támogatást kaptam ezen az úton. Szívesen osztom meg, és adom tovább amit tanultam és kaptam, és örömmel várom, hogy én is inspirálódjak a Ti történeteitek által!


In a double room: 629 EUR/ person
In single a room: 749 EUR/ person

The above prices include the chosen accommodation, meals as above, and the full program. Prices do not include further expenses, or travel costs.

If you have any questions, please contact us at: ! We'll be happy to reply.

Time left to complete your registration until 1st of June 2019:


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