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So, What now? 

safety or risk?

Figuring out what kind of work or business would be valuable and meaningful to you and others may not always be immediately clear. But once you have figured it out, and are thinking about taking action on what may be a bold idea, making a difficult decision that could take you into the unknown and away from the security you know, well, it can be a lot harder.

But it doesn’t have to be.

“Change occurs when one becomes what he is, not when he tries to become what he is not.”

Arnold R. Beisser

Meet me

this is my story.

I am no stranger to big changes, which often start as bold (crazy?) ideas. I’ve changed jobs, professions, and countries several times. I’ve also approached strangers with unexpected questions that turned into incredible collaborations and projects.

Perhaps my most challenging personal change was when I decided to quit the way I was working in international tourism and sell my own travel agency, even though I loved both.

I still remember the moment I made that decision. I was sitting in my office after two of my colleagues had resigned (later I found out had that they had copied my company, my ideas and targeted my clients) and in that deep and silent moment I felt as if everything around me had stopped.

At that moment a voice in my head became very loud, saying, I don’t want this anymore. What I was doing was no longer what I had started out to do, I was tired and disillusioned.

Even if the company was doing well, we had thousands of great clients, we were organising exciting trips, we were working with the biggest tourism services around the world, and we managed to survive the global crises of 2001 and 2008, which broke many companies. In fact, 10 years earlier, I had a dream of owning an agency just like this, but due to a lot of external circumstances and because I was changing, it was no longer enough for me.

So, in that quiet moment, I made the previously unthinkable decision of selling my company. I had no idea at the time how I would do it or what I would do afterwards.

But this decision gave me a huge sense of freedom. Two months later, I had a buyer. A year later, I was no longer a travel agency owner but a free woman, and I moved to Barcelona. I took some time off there for a while. During this slow period, I figured out what I’d do next.

Fortunately, by then, I already had a coach whom I had originally hired to help me become a better leader, so she also supported me through these difficult and painful decision and in creating a new plan for my future. I was very right to hire her to help me during this period.  

I decided that I wanted to continue working with people and help them find the courage, the confidence, and a good plan to realise their own bold ideas. I completed several quality coach training courses and then started a new business that now allows me to work from anywhere in the world, giving me a completely new lifestyle.

As time went by, I started working with more clients, who build projects and ideas that focus on sustainability and making the world a better place. Having always been somewhat of a rebel, I find this really inspiring, besides the topic of what makes a job or a leadership role sustainable.

Hi, I’m Eva Tornallyay, coach, organisational development team coach, business mentor, entrepreneur, world traveller and scuba diver. My original profession is an economist of tourism.

I support purpose-driven professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs who want to create positive change in their smaller and/or wider communities through their work or business, in a way that is meaningful and inspiring for them.

New perspectives

my mission

what I stand for.

embracing change and moving forward

I believe in change, moving forward, and focusing on what can be done differently.


looking for possibilities, not excuses

I believe that we have many more possibilities than we see in a crisis or a difficult situation.

positive impact and feeling good

I also believe that it is only worth doing something in a way that has a positive impact on the world and our environment, and it’s important to enjoy doing it.

I work with good people, companies and causes

I believe that good people can think up good things and, with the right support, can make them happen.

certificates and experience

professional background.

▪Gestalt Coaching Center (ICF accredited trainings) – – Transformational Team Coach – organisational development, team development; Action Learning facilitator; Gestalt coaching advanced training; “Blind spots and Taboos in coaching” training;
▪ Academy of Executive Coaching /London – Gestalt Coaching Skills;
▪Common Purpose Hungary – Meridian leadership; development training
▪ Business Coach Kft. – business coaching;
▪ Solution Surfers – brief coaching basics;
▪Beyond Knowledge – training program for coaches, based on ICF-MCC level competencies;
▪Tim Brownson (UK)- Coach the Life Coach – life coach training;
▪ Watson Coaching School – drama-based group coaching;▪ Lisa Bloom Master coach – Corporate Storytelling;
▪ Art of Hosting Central & Eastern Europe – Art of Hosting facilitator;
▪Hungarian Psychodrama Institute – psychodrama group leader training (more than 1000 hours);
▪Budapest Business School – BGE – Economist of Hospitality and Tourism.

▪Business, career and leadership development coaching, workshops since 2014;
▪ 20+ years of experience in international tourism;
▪ 20+ years of experience as an entrepreneur, director and business owner;
▪20+ years of experience in business development, service development, international relations, crisis management, market development, team development and strategic planning;
▪Business mentor in the AWE (Academy of Women Entrepreneurs) program organized by the U.S. Embassy in Budapest
▪Business mentor in the VISA – She’s Next program, also for women entrepreneurs;
▪ Successful business relationships in 60 countries around the world;
▪ Co-author in a UK published self-development book.

This is important too

some fun facts about me.

▪I started my first business thanks to an unexpected opportunity. I said yes to an investment offer made by two great people without a second thought, even though 3 weeks earlier I was jobless, did not know about the opportunity or how to run a business.
▪Also on a sudden impulse, at a major travel exhibition in Berlin, I asked Princess Cruises, one of the world’s biggest cruise lines, if they would like a representative in Hungary. At the time my company was only THREE weeks old. I must have sounded convincing because they sent me an exclusive contract a few months later. This was a unique reference within professional circles, and, within just a few months after our opening, my company became well known.
▪When I was 45 and on the verge of complete burnout, I moved to Barcelona for a sabbatical and left my original profession. Then, I started  training in a new profession.
▪A few years later I wanted to move to London, so I applied for just one job, and I got it, without even leaving my flat in Budapest. We organized one of the largest tourism trade fairs in the world from London, which takes place every year in Barcelona.
▪I started a conversation with an executive coach from the UK and I ended up as co-author in a coaching related book, which was published in the UK and is now sold on Amazon You can check it out HERE.
▪I spent my teenage years in the North of Nigeria, and the word Kalangu comes from a Hausa word meaning “talking drum.” This word is important to me because the drum itself was a means of communication, just as coaching is. The name was also the name of the club where my friends and I used to go dancing on weekends and had loads of fun.
▪As an adult, I’ve lived in Barcelona, London and now Austria. I’ve been scuba diving since 1993 and this is the hobby which helps me switch off completely. I’m convinced that the sea is the cure for everything.

happy clients.

Let’s chat

if you have a bold idea.

If you’ve been thinking about doing something valuable and meaningful, but you’re too scared to get started, sign up for a free 30-minute no-obligation consultation. Let’s talk about what’s holding you back and whether I could be the one to support you, and if so, how.

or choose from the following programs.

How it works

Through one-on-one conversations (via Zoom or a similar platform), unique programs, and workshops, I offer support to help you shift from frustration, burnout, loss of motivation, or boredom to finding new inspiration and clarity in figuring out what, where and how your ideal work would be. 

Dream big, create a new strategy, and build something that serves you better. In the course of our work together, you will make a plan that fits your rhythm and speed, to safely reach your goal.

If you already know the type of support you need, please choose from one of the programs below. If you are unsure which program would be most effective for you, I will be happy to discuss it with you. Feel free to send me an email or sign up for a complimentary 30-minute consultation.

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