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quick fix.

A 2-hour power session when you need to solve a specific problem (related to your work), so that you can make the right decisions on how to move forward. 


Usually, there are no quick fixes when a lot needs to change. But sometimes looking at a problem from a different viewpoint and some unexpected questions can offer a temporary solution.

When you face a sudden challenge at work or in your business, you may feel overwhelmed and stuck. You don’t know what to do next, and you lose sight of the possibilities. You need a quick way to regain control and clarity, so you can act with confidence and creativity.

This 2-hour intensive program is to help you shift your perspective, ask yourself the right questions, and reconnect with reality. You will feel more confident, calmer, and ready to make the best decisions and use the best resources for your situation.


“Doing what you’ve been doing is going to get you what you’ve been getting.”

Seth Godin

the challenge

this is for you if.

  • some unexpected event related to your work or business is making you feel stuck, shocked, scared, or wanting to do too many things at the same time.
  • you seem unable to figure out what to do next,
  • you feel overwhelmed,
  • you feel completely alone, thinking you have no one to turn to for help.

what clients say.

how it works.

What’s included

    • This is a 2-hour strategic session on Zoom or a similar platform.
    • Personalized tasks to help you achieve your goal. 

Start finding solutions now. 

your investment.

290 EUR*

*Please note that payment is due in advance. 

real stories.

about change and the journey

change of perspective


Some time ago I went to a lecture, and it was surprising to see that compared to other similar events, which would normally have around 60-100 participants, this topic attracted

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responsibility for ourselves


Years ago, whenever I went to visit someone, I used to buy several gifts for friends and family. They often said it was too much, and totally unnecessary.

Until a

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let's connect.

Do you have questions about the way we can work together? Please send them and let me get back to you. 

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