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For women, who need to build calm and courage in busy work and business  roles

6-13. October, 2022



Time left to register until the 31st of August, 2022.


In the past couple of years I’ve worked mainly with executives and entrepreneurs in their forties, who either navigated through a major career change during the process, or who had taken their business to the next level after we’d redesigned their business strategy.

During this time I observed in many of my clients that a major career change or a business redesign was often preceded by symptoms of burnout.


A constant need to deliver results, at all costs.


Lack of clarity about their values.

The desire to meet expectations, even unrealistic ones.

Taking on too much.

All these can lead to burnout, fatigue, and total exhaustion, which after realizing what’s happening, can ideally result in a strong desire to do something else. However, we don’t always have the vision, the energy, or the courage to take action.

In order for these to come into view, we must stop for a while. 

I’ve created a program for women who are high achieving professionals, managers or entrepreneurs where they can learn about doing nothing and stopping their work activities without interruptions.

Because from this “nothing”, “something” can surface, and in this void we can hear our innermost voice. It’s through “doing nothing” that our creativity and the ability to create something new can start again. This “Fertile Void” needs to be at the end of each of our activities, so that we can start the next one with renewed strength and motivation.

It takes a lot of courage to stop, to “do nothing”, because we are conditioned to constantly do stuff, to have a plan, to be useful and to not be idle. Keep going, do more, that’s the mantra we live in.

It took me a long time to learn to break this vicious cycle of busyness, in which most leaders also become trapped. I had a hard time learning to stop and do nothing, without feeling guilty or useless. When I finally did, it was one of the scariest things I’d ever experienced, but I now know that this is one of the best decisions I’d ever made. 

This program’s aim is for you to learn more about these two important topics, through experiences by the sea.

Here’s what you can expect from the program:

– Gazing at the sea.
– Staring into the distance.
– Floating on the sea.
– Doing nothing.
– Building self-worthiness muscles.
– Finding old and new energy sources.
– Clarifying strengths and aligning your work roles to them.
– Great conversations.
– Turning fatigue into a new strategy.

We will also work with Female Courage, below and above water, in which you’ll learn that it’s not all in your head, but a physical experience can also be the catalyst for change. We’ll work with courage, because as girls we are brought up to be good girls, to fear even everyday things and to stay in the background. And then, when it comes to feeling competent in the labour market, we often don’t dare to show up, or stand up for ourselves and demand what is due. 

All this in a beautiful environment, in a secluded small town in the south of Turkey, where people are kind, the sea is warm, food is delicious, where you can find silence or summer vibes, depending on what you need. I’ll be waiting here for all brave women at the end of September, but if you’d like to come earlier, let me know, because I’m already at this location.

„Crazy-busy' is a great armor, it's a great way for numbing. What a lot of us do is that we stay so busy, and so out in front of our life, that the truth of how we're feeling and what we really need can't catch up with us.”



I turned to Eva for coaching with signs of exhaustion and burnout. From the very first moment, it was as if she had known me for ages and we were able to establish a sincere relationship very easily. She is highly experienced and straightforward and held a very authentic mirror up to me. During the process, I liked how we found common ground and how we were able to move forward. The end result was that I was able to set boundaries and priorities, and came to see how valuable I was. With her support, I managed to revert back to who I really was, from a ventilating old woman to my "MiniCooper leather jacket” self. The biggest lesson was that I should have asked for help earlier.

I had the chance to work with Eva when I went through tough times and I faced new challenges in my carrier. Already during our first session she held a mirror to me and led to such conclusions which really energized and motivated me. She is open minded, inspiring, a great listener and questioner. Focusing on my strengths she helped me a lot to find my way in that difficult period – with success at the end. 😊 I can highly recommend her to anyone who feels stuck in his or her career or simply would like to develop, she helped me a lot.



The program will not be about theories. Instead, through various activities you will experience everything that you might already know in your head, but till now were not able to put into practice.

I created the program around a specific concept, so that you can gain external and internal experiences.

External experiences

– As I promised, we will be gazing at the sea from different boats, balconies and beaches we will float on the surface and also under the surface for those who will try diving.
– Watch the sunset from the top of an ancient Roman theatre, to witness how the horizon first turns pink and then orange over the sea.
– A full-day boat trip to one of the most beautiful sites in the area, the Sunken City, where, if the sea is calm, the remains of an ancient Roman city can be seen below the surface. This tour takes us through crystal clear bays where we can swim, relax and just be.
– There will be time and opportunity to admire the sea from cozy bars and restaurants, and to discuss the day’s experiences.
– During the week, we will spend a lot of time in and around seawater, in lovely bays where you can see the bottom some 20 meters below you. It is important for you to feel secure in deep water and to love being in the sea.
– We will also head out with one of the diving boats, where I will encourage everyone to try scuba diving, but if not, then at least snorkeling. As my first instructor said at the time, and she did not lie, there is nothing more relaxing and wonderful than floating in 3D, in transparent blue waters, while listening to your own breathing. Both on the surface or underwater, a qualified and very patient diving instructor will be with us and I know that thanks to him, anything that seems scary at first, will be transformed into a wonderful experience.
– All these adventures will happen at a slowed down, relaxing and refreshing pace

Internal experiences

– You will learn about the Fertile Void, the space where we can experience nothingness, the space where we need to be after each of our activities, to be able to function well. There will be little theory and much more practice.
– On the surface of the water or underwater, but definitely with a diving mask, you will learn things that you never thought you could be capable of, about how you react to and what resources you can rely on in a new environment or when you face challenges. 
– There will be group and individual conversations, during which we will process all the experiences, from gazing at the sea to diving, so that you can integrate all that you’ve learned into your daily life after returning home.

– During the week, there will be 10-12 hours of coaching in group and individually, to help you move forward with your chosen goals.
– Listening to each other’s stories in a safe space created by a circle of women, and realizing that you’re not alone, will also help your own process.



After registration and before any commitment

A 30-minute one-on-one call with me to decide together if this programme is right for you.

Day 1. - arrival at the sea

Travel, airport transfer, meet and greet.

Days 2-6. - the program

For the next 5 days the program will run as described above, with lots of experiences, learning and transformation. Minor changes can happen if necessary to boost individual learning.

Day 7. – me-time

A day for you to shape as you like, but with the possibility of further conversations, if needed.

Day 8. – Farewell to the sea

Airport transfer and return home.

2 weeks after the program

A 60 minute one-on-one call to further process and integrate the experiences into your daily life.


The program is based in Kas, a remote town in the South of Turkey, where I have been returning regularly since 2004. There are two international airports, one that’s 2 hours away and one that’s 3.5 hours away by car. The journey is beautiful and long, but worth it.

The town offers only small hotels and guesthouses, is surrounded by 2000 m high mountains and crystal clear waters. You can choose from many great restaurants, bars and cosy cafés, where from the second day onwards everyone will call you by your name.

Our accommodation

Our accommodation will be at one of my favourite apartment hotels, close to the centre, with a lovely garden and very friendly hosts. The apartments have a comfortable living room and bedroom, equipped kitchen with a fridge, air conditioning, and a terrace with side or front sea view.
The bedrooms either come with a queen sized bed, or two twin beds. If 2 participants would like to have their own space, then a normal single bed can be set up in the spacious living room. The bathroom is large and is equipped with a shower.

A tasty Turkish breakfast is served in the hotel’s lovely garden. 


Each day a generous and tasty Turkish breakfast is included in the price. 

Other meals are not included, except for lunch on the days where we are on a cruise or diving boat. The town has a wide variety of restaurants, both lower and higher priced, offering very good cuisine.

Registration deadline

August 15th, 2022
(Late September and early October is still high season in the South of Turkey, because it is not as hot as in August, so many people travel to the coastal areas at this time. After the above date the accommodation will be upon request, and therefore the original rate cannot be guaranteed.)


Late September, early October temperatures are usually around 27-32 C during the day and water temperatures are around 28 C, so it’s lovely. 

Number of participants

Minimum 3, maximum 6 participants.

If you would like to come individually at another date, please ask for an individual offer.

Participation fees

Double/twin side sea view apartment: 890 EUR/person
Single side sea view apartment:
 EUR 1,100/person

Double/twin sea view apartment: EUR 990/person
Single sea view apartment: 1,160 EUR/person

The fees include the following

– 7 nights accommodation with breakfast at the mentioned apartment hotel;
– round-trip airport transfers;
– the program as described above, with meals that are included in the description.
– Throughout the week, 10-14 hours of group and individual coaching/training + 1 session after returning home. 

The price does not include: travel insurances, travel expenses, other expenses.

Additional costs

– AIRLINE TICKETS: travel arrangements need to be made individually, but depending on where you’re arriving from, I can give you tips on what airlines or routes to check out,

– TRAVEL AND CANCELLATION INSURANCE: travel insurance that includes health and baggage insurance is recommended, cancellation insurance depends on what your local service providers offer.

– MEALS: meals that are not listed in the program are not included. 

Terms and conditions

Coming soon. 


This program is for those who feel safe in deep water and who enjoy being in the sea. Snorkeling or scuba diving experience is not necessary, but swimming skills are.  

During the trip – although I will make sure that everything happens as described – if the programs need to be changed due to weather conditions, I reserve the right to make changes.

Entry into Turkey

In general you it is possible to enter Turkey with a passport that is valid for at least 180 days after entering the country. Please check with your country’s Turkish embassy or consulate for further information.

Further information

If you have any questions before registering, please write to evat @



Eva Tornallyay

I’m Eva Tornallyay, an economist of hospitality and tourism, business and leadership development coach, transformational team coach, business mentor, founder of Kalangu Coaching, passionate traveller and scuba diver. I grew up in West Africa and also lived in Barcelona, London and Villach.

I spent 20+ years in international tourism, 15+ years as an entrepreneur, CEO and business owner, with experience in business, product and market development, international relations, strategic planning and successful business negotiations with 60 countries around the world. I was also a co-author in the UK published „Dial a Guru - Awaken Your True Potential” self-development book. During my personal burnout, I sold my company at the age of 45, and moved to Barcelona for a sabbatical. Here, after a few months of being in the Fertile Void, I decided to retrain as a coach.

My mission is to help people see new opportunities, even in challenging times and to make courageous, meaningful changes in the way they work or do business, along responsible and sustainable strategies.

All the programs I offer are based on hundreds of hours of training and personal experience. I’ll never try to market anything that I have not tried myself.

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