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2-hour coaching session to understand your most important strengths, and consciously use them to thrive at work


  Have you ever been jealous of people, who are enthusiastic about their work, are clearly in the best place they could be, and above all, have time for the rest of their lives?

  Or have you already accepted, that work is just an unpleasant necessity of life? Something you must do to pay the bills?

  Have you ever wondered what you should do for your work to become a source of energy, instead of something that drains you?

  Have you ever wanted to achieve the expected results, but without the usual stress?


If you’ve answered YES to any or all of these questions, there could be several reasons for it, and in this 2-hour strategic session I would like to offer a new perspective for one of the most likely ones.

You are not alone with these answers, and Gallup’s new 142-country study on the State of the Global Workplace, shows that only 13% of employees worldwide are motivated in the work they do, which means, that they are not likely to be making positive contributions to their organizations, or even their own businesses.

There is a widespread illusion around the world, that people will be motivated and committed to their work, and companies will become successful and productive, if the people doing the work will correct their shortcomings. 

From our school years to when we retire, we spend much more time and money on improving our weaknesses, than developing our strengths.

The solution however is not in developing our weaknesses. ​

Research shows that, engagement, therefore motivation and productivity increases, when people do work that is based on their natural talents, and strengths.

Research also shows, that those employees or business leaders, who are able to identify their strengths, and consciously use them:

  are more engaged in their work, therefore more committed and productive individually or in a team,

  perform better individually or in a team,

  perceive their work as a source of energy,

  are three times more likely to live a balanced and happy life.


This means, that people who develop their strengths, and what they’re naturally good at, instead of investing in their weaknesses, are the people who are able to deliver outstanding performance.

As a result of decades of research Gallup Inc. came to the conclusion, that successful people have one thing in common: they focus on strengths and manage their weaknesses.

How will you benefit from this program?

In 2 hours we will not change the world, sadly I cannot promise you this, but I can assure you, that:


  • During this session, you will learn to focus on what you can be best and most successful at, over long-term. This means, you will achieve better results with a higher motivation in your work, on a daily basis.
  • You will get clear on what your greatest strengths are, and what it is that you do instinctively well.
  • You will have new ideas on how you can use your strengths consciously to accomplish your goals, everyday work, and increase your productivity.
  • You will understand where your greatest achievements come from, especially the ones you really enjoyed carrying out.
  • You will be more conscious about how you choose your future work, tasks, or which activities to keep for yourself in your business, and which to delegate. This will help you sustain your energy over the long-term and thus reduce the risk of burnout.

Eva knows how to ask questions and then meticulously analyze your answers so that she can guide you to dig further and deeper. She takes her time to make sure she understands the problems you're facing which in turn makes you feel like you can take your time as well. I felt very comfortable being coached by Eva as she allowed me to reflect on things without rushing me for an answer and when I got stuck, she approached things from a different angle helping me take on a new perspective as well.

I had the chance to work with Eva when I went through tough times and I faced new challenges in my carrier. Already during our first session she held a mirror to me and led to such conclusions which really energized and motivated me. She is open minded, inspiring, a great listener and questioner. Focusing on my strengths she helped me a lot to find my way in that difficult period – with success at the end. 😊 I can highly recommend her to anyone who feels being stuck in his or her career or simply would like to develop, she helped me a lot.

I had an absolute pleasure working with Eva, she is a brilliant person and a great coach. I learned a lot from Eva in short space of time that will help me a lot going ahead with my professional objectives, I wish to Eva all the best on her personal life and a successful career ahead.

How does it work?

After you’ve registered for the program, you will receive an invoice of the program fee. When the payment has arrived, you will receive further details about the assessment, and we will agree on when to meet on one of the online platforms.

The program includes:

Your investment:

Single payment: 268 EUR

For former Kalangu Coaching clients a 10% discount is applicable.

If you’re interested in knowing more about how I can support you as a professional or an entrepreneur, click here to book a complimentary strategy session or please reach out by email at

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